Belden AX100647 - Keystone Jack Cat.5E MDVO Style, white
   The EZ-MDVO Module is built with a patented lead frame design, and encapsulated insulation displacement contacts ensuring reliable connections and performance well above Category 5e standards. The EZ-MDVO module termination cap is what is so unique about this product. It allows for a simple and fast "press-fit" installation while ensuring consistent wire termination every time it is snap-locked. The module termination cap is color-coded to facilitate wire arrangement and speed up installation time. The termination cap is printed with T568A/B color-code.
The EZ-MDVO Modules can be mixed and matched with a wide variety of MediaFlex, Interface and MDVO-style faceplates, adapters and boxes to suit practically any installation configuration for workstation outlet installations. The EZ-MDVO PS5E Module offers improved performance over existing Category 5e jacks. All performance parameters, including NEXT, attenuation and return loss, greatly exceed the existing ANSI/TIA/EIA Category 5e standard and are designed to meet Category 5e standard channel performance.
 • Exceeds Category 5e performance providing additional margin to support emerging gigabit applications
 • Color-coded termination cap to reduce mismatched wiring
 • Unique fold over wire arrangement to ensure wire twists are maintained to within 12.7 mm (0.5 in.) of contacts for superior performance
 • Snap-lock termination cap to ensure wires are fully terminated, to eliminate wire slippage and provide strain relief
 • Encapsulated insulation displacement contacts to protect wire connection and eliminate risk of hand injuries
 • Colored modules to facilitate identification and ease network management
 • Mix and match flexibility with a wide variety of MDVO-style faceplates, adapters and boxes to accommodate practically any installation configuration for workstation outlet installations.
 • Telecommunications outlets
 • Multi-user telecommunications outlets
 • Consolidation points
 • Patch panels.
IDC Module
 • Gas-tight connection - insulation slicing of 24 and 26 AWG (0.6, 0.5 and 0.4 mm) plastic insulated solid copper conductors
 • Durability: 10 insertions of any combination of wire gauge.
Modular Jacks
 • 8-pin or 6-pin connector, FCC part 68, Subpart F compliant
 • Durability: 1000 mating cycles.
Physical Characteristics
 • Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 32 mm
 • Module snap-in: fire-retardant plastic, UL94V-0, gray, almond, white, black, orange, red, yellow, green, blue, purple or brown
 • Termination cap: fire-retardant plastic, UL94V-0, white.
    IDC Module
    • IDC clip material: copper alloy with nickel plating
    • Encapsulated clips, in fire-retardant, UL94V-0, plastic support, black.
    Modular Jacks
    • Contact material: copper alloy with 50 micro-inches gold over nickel.

Transmission Characteristics
PS5E-Rated Modules
 • Designed to exceed the Category 5e standard channel performance
 • Minimum average values measured at 100 MHz with PS5E plugs:
Parameter Value
NEXT 43.2 dB
PSNEXT 40.3 dB
FEXT 36.5 dB
PSFEXT 33.6 dB
Attenuation 0.20 dB
Return Loss 25.3 dB

 Electrical Characteristics
 • Dielectric strength: 1,000 V RMS at 60 Hz for 1 minute
 • Current rating: 1.5 A maximum
 • Insulation resistance: 200 MΩ minimum
 • Contact resistance: 1 mΩ per contact.
Installation Guide is supplied with each box of 50 modules, it is also available in the "Document Center" of NORDX/CDT's Web Site. Summarized instructions are printed on each bag. Training is simple and requires trying only a few modules. A trained technician can terminate a module in less than two minutes, including cable preparation.
* Specification is subject to change without notice