Belden AX101456 - Flex Patch Panel,1U, 24-port, Black
   Flex Patch Panels provide a flexible and versatile termination solution for telecommunications room rack-mounted installations. The panels can be custom configured in the field to suit practically any particular configuration. Flex Patch Panels are compatible with GigaFlex and EZ-MDVO modules as well as MDVO-style Multimedia modules. Modules are ordered separately.
 • Available in 16, 24, 32, 48, 96 and 144-port configurations in gray or black for greater design flexibility and optimization of rack installations
 • Custom configurable in the field, using GigaFlex, EZ-MDVO or Multimedia modules, to suit practically any installation requirement
 • Large front labeling space to facilitate port identification
 • Matching laser printable labels for clear identification and to ease network management
 • Integrated rear cable management bar for neat cable dressing
 • Compatible with standard 19 in. equipment racks, cabinets or wall mount brackets
 • Robust and installer-friendly design to reduce installation and operating costs  • Color-coded with modules.
 • Horizontal distribution or equipment terminations in telecommunications rooms
 • Interconnection terminations in consolidation points.
Physical Characteristics
 • Dimensions: - 1U panel: 45 x 483 x 13 mm
 • Panel: steel, 16 gauge, powder paint finish, black
 • Module holder: fire-retardant plastic, UL94HB, black.
 • An installation guide is available at
 • Plan the telecommunications room layout prior to patch panel installation
 • Allow for future expansion when planning patch panel installation
 • Use patch cord management accessories when frequent moves, additions and changes are expected
 • Terminate GigaFlex modules either prior to installation into the patch panel using the GigaFlex Termination Station (AX101172), or terminate modules directly in the patch panel
 • EZ-MDVO modules must be terminated prior to installing them in the patch panel
 • Label each port carefully for future reference and ease of location
 • Use different colors of modules and ID Tabs to ease identification and location of users, areas or types of service.
* Specification is subject to change without notice