nextraCOM LHX-8130A-2X - Bi-directional Distribution Amplifier
   Adopt high-output Philips microwave component amplifier, perfect fore-and-aft power doublers and fore-and-aft independent forward and reverse test ports suitable for bi-directional distribution network.
Forward Transmission
Frequency Range MHz (47)87~860
Rated Gain dB 24
Min Fill Gain dB ≥24
Rated Input Level dBµV 72
Rated Output Level dBµV 96
Flatness in band dB ±1
Noise Figure dB ≤10
Return Loss dB ≥14
C/CTB(84 PAL-D) dB ≥57
C/CSO (84 PAL-D) dB ≥56
Signal tonoise ratio dB ≥66
Voltage stroke KV 5(10/700µS)
Backward Transmission
Frequency Range MHz 5~(30)65
Rated Gain dB 18
Flatness in band dB ±1
Noise Figure dB ≤12
Return Loss dB ≥12
MAX Output level dBµV ≥110
Carrier to second order intermodulation ratio dB ≥52
Carrier to Alternative noise ratio dB ≥66
Power Voltage (50Hz) V A: 220±15% OR B: 60
Power Consumption VA 10
Dimension mm 235(L)x140(W)x110(H)
Principle drawing
Product structure
1. RF, AC Input Port 2. Forward Adjust EQ
3. Forward Adjust ATT 4. Return Adjust ATT
5. RF Output Port 6. RF Test Port
7. Power Supply LED  
* Specification is subject to change without notice