nextraCOM LHY-5134B - Distribution Amplifier
   Low-noisy, stable output, nonlinear high index. Plug-in frequency update circuit, better flatness system, good waterproof and anti-thunder capability, stable operating high performance to price ratio.
Frequency Range MHz 45~550
Rated Gain dB 30
Flatness In Band dB 0.5
Rated Input Level dBµV 72
Rated Output Level dBµV 102
Gain Adjustable Range dB 0~15
Slope Adjustable Range dB 0~18
Noise Figure dB ≤±10
Composite Triplee Beat dB 56
Composite Second Order dB 57
Return Loss dB ≥10
Anti-thunder KV 5 (10/700µS)
Power Voltage (50HZ) V ~(30-60)V±10%
Consumption VA 7
Dimension mm 215x185x70
   a.Please use power supply with over-current protection. First make the voltage to the highest (~60V) before connect the power, then change the switch according to the input voltage, otherwise the transformer is easy to heat, even damage to equipment and loss the max output level. Please use voltage aparatus when adopt the power supplier.
   b.Check over-current protection after installation. If one circuit is not needed, pull out fuse on this circuit.
   c.Installation and mainteneance must be performed by tehnicians.

Product structure A(~220V):
1. RF Input 2. Modulate Attenuator
3. Modulate Equalizer 4. RF Amplify Module
5. ~60V Over-current inserter 6. Power Indication
7. Power Transformer 8. Split Output Inserter
9(10). RF Output  
* Specification is subject to change without notice