MW-GL-860-R(20) - G(L) series 750/860 MHz LINE EXTENDER
Application   Benefits
   G(L) series of 750/860 MHz line extenders are typically deployed in the feeder or tapped portion of the RF network. Configurable as either a single or dual output device, these line extenders provide a flexible, cost effective product platform, and are readily adaptable to wide-ranging design application.
   G(L) series of 750/860 MHz line extenders are available in multiple fixed gain versions and are ideally suited for new build and rebuild construction. They are gain-targeted and specifications-targeted for direct drop-in retrofit in 860 MHz transitional upgrades.All 750/860 MHz active electronics offer improved performance, reliability and accessibility.
   G(L) series of 750/860 MHz line extenders have two separate test ports for forward and return RF signal.
  • Enhanced performance via advanced hybrid technology
  • Easily activated second output port via test port
  • Adaptable to wide-ranging plant characteristics
  • Flexible system design application
  • RF output level adjustable
  • Improved test port level accuracy
  • Eliminates material/labor costs associated with external passive installation
  • Minimizes plug-in accessory inventory requirements
  • Separate forward and return output test port
  • Simple set-up
  • Two hybrids in forward path, one in return path
  • AGC control
  • 750 or 860GHz platform
  • Standard four port two output housing
  • Anti-corrosive housing coating
  • Advanced hybrid technology
  • High reliability: design simplicity, waterproof, large heat sink surface, low power consumption
  • High performance: high return loss, low noise, small flatness, low distortion
  • Easy maintenance: plug-in hybrid, compatibility with different passband
  • Optional hybrids: push-pull, power double
  • -20 dB output directional coupler test port
  • Optional split outputs
  • RF output level adjustable using plug-in chip
  • Fixed value plug-in equalizers to input frequency slope
  • Multiple plug-in equalizers
  • High efficiency power supply
  • 10 amp power passing capacity
  • AGC control
Output Ports   1 or 2 (optional)
Output Test Ports   1 or 0 (optional)
Passband MHz 85 ~ 860
Frequency Response dB ≤ ± 0.75
Operational Gain dB 26 30 26 30
Minimum Full Gain dB 32 36 28 32
Gain Adjusting Range dB 0 ~ -10 ( 1dB/step plug-in )
Slope Adjusting Range dB 2 ~ -22 ( 2dB/step plug-in )
Return Loss dB -16
Noise Figure dB 8
Test Port Type dB Directional Coupler
Test Port Level dB -20
Test Port Accuracy dB ≥±0.5
Reference Channel Loading   PAL B/G, PAL D/K or NTSC channels upto 860MHz
Operational Input Level dBmV 12
Operational Output Level dBmV 12 + Operational Gain
Composite Second Order * dBc -61 -57 -63 -59
Composite Tripe Beat * dBc -60 -54 -69 -61
Hum Modulation dB ≥60
Output Test Ports   1
Passband MHz 5 ~ 65
Frequency Response dB ≤±0.5
Operational Gain dB 18 (15, 20dB optional)
Return Loss dB ≤-16
Noise Figure dB 10
Test Port Type dB Directional Coupler
Test Port Level dB -20
Test Port Accuracy dB ≤±0.5
Reference Channel Loading   6
Operational Input Level dBmV 21
Recommended Output Level dBmV 36
Hum Modulation dB ≥60
AC Input Range VAC 60±15
AC Current mA 360mA/60V   500mA/45V
AC Bypass Current Rating A 10
Operating Temperature °C -40 ~ +60
Dimensions ( H x W x D ) cm 22 x 32 x 8
Weight kg 3.9
* Specificatipns reflect typical system cascade performance, individual station performance may vary.
* Specificatipns are at the conditions of the operational output level and 25°C
* Specification is subject to change without notice