GIGABIT media converter, standalone, singlemode 10km, internal power supply

 • Compliant with IEEE802.3ab 1000BASE-T standards for TP connection and IEEE802.3z 1000BASE-SX/LX standards for Fiber connection
 • Provide Fiber-optic port with SC connector
 • Extended fiber optic distance up to 550m (Multi-Mode Fiber), 10km,20km,40km,80km (Single Mode Fiber)
 • Provide 1000Mbps port with RJ-45 connector
 • Extend the Ethernet distance by converting UTP to Fiber-Optic
 • Status LEDs for activity & link to easily monitor network activity
Fiberscape Ethernet Media Converter is the most convenient solution when different media are required in the same network. Compatible with industrial standards, the Media Converter provides the connectivity between fiber-optic and twisted-pair (STP or UTP) cable. They provide fiber-optic network with flexible installation, in addition to the features of security, long-distance and high capacity.
1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet UTP/Fiber Converter
Optoscape Gigabit media converter series are designed to convert a 1000BASE-T signal to a 1000BASE-SX/LX signal. It is used to extend the connection distance between two Gigabit Ethernet Twisted-pair devices via fiber cable transparently with no performance degradation. The OP-ECM74221-0.5 converter provides SC connector for multi-mode fiber cables and allow to extend distance upto 550 meters. The OP-ECS74221-10 converter provides SC connector for single-mode fiber cables and allow to extend distance upto 10 KM. For longer distance, the OP-ECS74221-40 converter provides SC connector for single-mode fiber cables and allow to extend distance upto 40 KM.
 • Function index sign: Support the IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.3ab protocol
 • Work mode : full- duplexes, half duplex auto negotiation
 • Port support: Multi-mode ( wave-length 850 nm,1300nm) ,single mode(wave-length 1310nm,1550nm)
 • Transmission distance: Multi-mode:0.5KM Single mode: 25 Km,50 Km ,80KM
 • Port of double twist- wire: NODE\ HUB or SWITCH (5 UTP)
 • Indication light: PWR(power supply)TPR(TX port receive data) RX(FX port receiving situation ) 10M(Tx port work rate is 10M) 100M(Tx port work rate is 100M) 1000M(Tx port work rate is1000M)

Other parameter:
 • Size: 250mmX150mmX38mm
 • Weight: 0.854Kg
 • Power supply: 100 V~275 VACs 50~60 Hz or-48 VDC eligibility
 • Work temperature: 0°C ~60°C
 • Store temperature: -10°C ~70°C
* Specification is subject to change without notice