nextraCOM TDR8134G - Bi-Directional Line Amplifier
   Suitably used in bi-directional transmission (can be reserved) and signal equalization of multi-class trunk transmission or high-required distributive network. Adopt PHILIPS, MOTOROLA imported power doubler modules. Audio pre-amplifier is low-noise microwave tube push-pull amplifier to insure enough gain. It has 1 input and 2 outputs, and each connection has over-current protection. The output branch or distributiveness can be changed following it. Double-equalizer is used, so adjusting multi-class transmission flatness is simple and convenient. Attenuator and equalizer are plug-in, so customers can choose fixed or adjustable style. High-reliable switch power (or linear power) and strict waterproof and anti-thunder design insure steady durative work.
Forward Transmission
Frequency Range MHz 45~860
Rated Gain dB ≥30
Flatness In Band dB ±1.0
Rated Input Level dBµV 72
Rated Output Level dBµV 102
Gain Adjustable Range dB Adjustable: 0~15dB, Fixed: 3,6,9,12,15
Slope Adjustable Range dB Adjustable: 0~24 dB, Fixed: 6,9,12,15,18
Noise Figure dB ≤±12
Composite Triplee Beat dB 60
Composite Second Order dB 60
Return Loss dB ≥12
Reverse Transmission
Frequency Range MHz 5~65
Flatness In Band dB ≤±0.75
Return Loss dB ≥14
Rated Gain dB 0 or 20 selected
MAX Output Level dBµV ≥110
Gain Adjustable Range dB 0~15
Slope Adjustable Range dB 0~10
General response
Power Voltage (50Hz) V 60V
Thunder Stroke KV 5 (10/700µS)
Dimension mm 270215118
   a.In order to insure long-distance transmission flatness and low-frequency band carrier to noise ratio, fixed equal plug-in should be use correctly. The accuracy of frequency balanced plug-in is high, so usually it is no need to adjust class electric circuit if without appropriation standard instrument.
   b.Must use the power with over-current protection.
   c.When the installation finished, please examine over-current circumstance. If need not over-current protection circuit, must pull out the fuse in this circuit. You should examine if the load is a short circuit with a multimeter when you need over-current protection circuit.
   d.Service: The product installed or maintained by professionals. Our company has entrust local franchisers to responsible for it. Any technique consult, please contact local franchisers or Technique Department.

Pane Drawing:

Product structure:
Power Source Voltage: ~220V(A), ~60V(B)
1. Input Port: 72 dBµV 15. Sub-output Port Over-current Protection FUSE 10A/250V
2. Input Test Port (If need not over-current protection, Pull out FUSE.)
3. Input Bi-directional Filter(or Short Plug-in) 16. Reverse Input Attenuator (0-15dB)
4. Short Plug-in(Use when input level is too high.) 17. Reverse Input Test Port: -20dB
5. Equalizer Plug-in(or Short Plug-in) 18. Reverse Module Terrace
6. Microwave Tube Push-pull Amplifier 19. Reverse Output Attenuator
7. +24V POWER LED 20.Reverse Output Test Port: -20dB
8. Low-noise Import Amplify Module 21. Input Over-current Protection FUSE 10A/250V
9. Main Output Port Over-current Protection FUSE 10A/250V (If need not over-current protection, Pull out FUSE.)
(If need not over-current protection, Pull out FUSE.) 22. Reverse Output Equalizer Plug-in (or Short Plug-in)
10. Hind Bi-directional Filter(or Short Plug-in) 23. POWER Port
11. Main Output Port 24. Fixed Equalizer (9dB) Switch.
12. Main Output Test Port: -30dB The Arrowhead Points at Level Position: No Equalizer loaded.
13. Output Branch or Distributiveness Plug-in The Arrowhead Point at Perpendicularity Position: Equalizer loaded
14. Sub-output Port: -10dB or -4dB  
* Specification is subject to change without notice