nextraCOM WR-8602H - Home Optical Receiver
   The structure compactness of the circuit is rational within this product, the outer cover selects the special-purpose aluminium alloy type material for use, the surface is oxidized and deals with by wire drawing.
Performance characteristics
 • Adopt E-O low noise hi-sensitivity PIN optical demodulator, PHILIPS / MOTOROLA power doubler amplify module., make sure the best index.
 • Matched with the direct current steady power supply.
Link path test condition
Special elucidation: Equipments technique parameter the manual given is according to the test method of GY/T143-2000 CATV system amplitude modulation laser transmitter and receiver enter the net technique condition and measure method, and gained under its prescriptive test condition. Test condition: Test link path is formed of standard fiber and standard optical receiver. Under the condition of prescriptive link loss, set 59 PAL-D imitate TV channels signal at 550MHz, transmit digital modulated signal at the range of 550MHz-750(862) MHz, level of digital modulated signal (8MHz band width) is lower 10dB than of imitate signal carrier wave, when optical receiver input optical power being -1dBm, measure C/ CTB, C/ CSO, C/ N.
Principle drawing
Optical Parameter
Input Optical Power dBm -7 ~ -2
Suggested work range dBm -5 ~ -3
Optical Return Loss dB >45
Optical Receiving Wave-length nm 1100~1600
Optical connector type   SC/APC
Optical fiber type   Single mode
Circuit performance
C/N dB ≥48
C/CTB dB ≥60
C/CSO dB ≥58
RF parameter
Frequency Range MHz 45/87~862
Flatness in Band dB 0.75(45~750/862MHz)
Output Level dBV ≥90 (Test in condition of -3dB input)
Max Output level dBV ≥100
Return Output Loss dB ≥16(45-550MHz); ≥14(550-750/862MHz)
Output impedance Ω 75
Power Voltage V DC: +15V
Power Consumption VA ≤15
Dimension mm 200(L)x120(W)x60(H)
* Specification is subject to change without notice