nextraCOM WR-8602 Series - Field Optical Receiver
   WR8602CE-A (B) field optical receiver adopts U.S. E-O Corporation's high-performance optical receive module, front-class adopting Philips low-noise microwave tube amplifier and output-class adopting a power doubler (or push-pull) module amplifier. It is not only performance excellent, but also performance to price rate high, fit for using at middle or small CATV network.
Performance characteristics
 • Adopt US E-O high-performance optical receiver module, field water-repellent shell.
 • Adopt Philips low-noise microwave tube pre-amplifier circuit and power doubler (or push-pull) output module.
 • Built-in continuous adjustable equalizer and attenuator, plug-pull output brancher component, 8-class optical power display.
 • Strict anti-thunder system, and high-reliability switch power.
 • Suitable for middle or small CATV network.
Link path test condition
Special elucidation: Equipments technique parameter the manual given is according to the test method of GY/T143-2000 CATV system amplitude modulation laser transmitter and receiver enter the net technique condition and measure method, and gained under its prescriptive test condition. Test condition: Test link path is formed of standard fiber and standard optical receiver. Under the condition of prescriptive link loss, set 59 PAL-D imitate TV channels signal at 550MHz, transmit digital modulated signal at the range of 550MHz-750(862) MHz, level of digital modulated signal (8MHz band width) is lower 10dB than of imitate signal carrier wave, when optical receiver input optical power being -1dBm, measure C/ CTB, C/ CSO, C/ N.
Construction explanation
1. Output 2 2. Forward output -30dB test port
3. Output 1 4. Branch (distribute) output plug-in
5. AC60V power over-current protection 6. Duplex filter
7. Reverse attenuator 8. Inner power outlet
9. Power LED 10. Reverse RF amplifier module
11. Reverse return optical transmitter component 12. Forward equalizer
13. Reverse attenuator 14. Reverse RF amplifier module
15. Reverse -30dB test port 16. Forward optical receiver component
17. Optical power LED (8 class) 18. Fiber cable in
19. AC60V power in  
Forward Optical Parameter
Input Optical Power dBm -7 ~ +3
Suggested work range dBm -3 ~ +1
Optical Return Loss dB >45
Optical Fiber Connector   SC/APC
Operating Fiber Type   Single Mode
C/N dB ≥51
C/CTB dB ≥65
C/CSO dB ≥60
Frequency Range MHz 45~862
Flatness in Band dB ±0.5(45~550MHz), ±0.75(550~750MHz)
Suggested Output Level dBµV ≥100 (Input 0dB)
Return Loss dB ≥16(45~550MHz), ≥14(550~750MHz)
Output Impedance Ω 75
Reverse Transmission Function Parameter
Wavelength nm 1310±10
Output Optical Power dBm 1 ~ 5
RF Frequency Band MHz 5 ~ 65
Flatness dB ±1
RF Input Level dBµV 90~95
Optical Fiber Connector   SC/APC
Output Impedance Ω 75
Power Voltage (50Hz) V A: (130~265)V B: (30-90)V
Power Consumption VA 20
Dimension mm 300x195x130
* Specification is subject to change without notice