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About us
Mondo Plast brief activity

Mondo Plast SRL is the distribution company of telecom division belonging to German-Romanian holding "Braun Group" with a turnover of 14 million EURO in 2006. The other companies in telecom domains are West Studio SRL (7 million Euro in 2006), Nextra Com SRL & Mondo Style Servicii.

The main activity of Braun Group is in Construction business where the other companies of the holding have their activities.

Mondo Plast is one of the most important shareholders in Romania in few telecom domains:
1. Networking Racks and IP 55 outdoor telecom racks where we are number one in 19 inch racks on the Romanian market and we are producing 3 brands:
  • "Braun Group" is our registered trade mark for premium racks for supreme quality in Europe as you can see in our on line catalogue: . Generally speaking "Braun Group" is the brand for all premium products - with the best quality in telecom.
  • "NextraCOM" is our registered brand for standard quality focused on fast instalation and service. This brand is used for racks but also for passive and active components ;
  • "QUBIX" is our low entry brand for racks and the other telecom products;
2. Optical equipments in narrow band (media converters, bridge WDM, mini-GBIC) & broadband/ CATV Laser transmitters and optical receivers;
For the optical and CATV equipments

We are number one supplier of WDM media converters & laser transmitters that we are assembling with different type of laser from different suppliers. ( like EQ Photonics GmBH - the European distributor of Emcore for Ortel laser diodes in Europe).

3. Professional Head Ends that we are assembling in different types of racks according with customer demands.
  • For CATV head Ends we are assembling high quality modulators in 19inch-1U incasing with 3 SAW filters as premium products with "Mondo Plast" LOGO. Over 50% for CATv networs in Romania are up-graded to our head-end modulators.
  • For Hotel -head Ends and SMATV networks we are assembling standard low cost adjacent channels modulators ( 2 SAW filters) in 19 inch racks, Nextra Brand.
4. Distribution of telecom cables from copper and optical fiber.

Mondo Plast is the official distributor since 1997 of Belden Wire and cables and other manufacturers ; also we have the distribution of TKF, Betacavi,...

In Timisoara core we have one industrial location of 23 thousands square meters with advanced re-spooling lines from 3 meter drums of 5 tones and we are just installing the lines of co-extrusion for optical & twisted cables.

The new industrial location of Mondo Plast at the edge of Timisoara is 17 hectars ( 170.000 square meters) when we be obliged to remove and sell the industrial site from the heart of Timisoara.

In Bucharest we have 11 thousands of square meters of warehouse and one location of office.

5. We are also assembling satellite receivers with our brand "Soleron" and we have two teams specialized in wireless business and also radio transceivers ( commercial bands, CB and radio amateurs).

Products and Services

Import and distribution:
  • industrial cables, telecom cables, instrumentation cables & Audio/Video;
  • twisted-pair data cables: UTP, FTP, STP, I-STP, cat 7, cat 6, cat 5E;
  • messenger coaxial cables, 50 Ohm telecom & 6 GHz wireless cables;
  • underground cables & aerial messenger cables, ADSS-fibre cables;
  • optical equipment and cables (OFC) for CATV (broadband) and high speed Internet (optical transceivers, ADSL);
  • broadband and optical equipment, telecommunication transceivers, passive networks - PC;
  • network equipment, gigabite switches, routers, passives;
  • radio commercial traffic, digital, data & GPS equipment;
  • radio-amateur substations, aerials & apparatus;
  • surveillance systems: CCTV, audio/video, IP cameras;
  • satellite TV digital equipment/Internet by satellite;
  • wireless AP & MMDS, aerials: 2,4 GHz, 3,5 GHz, 5,8 GHz;
  • multimedia systems: audio/video, plasma monitors, LCD, mouse/keyboards;
  • metal fittings for PVC and aluminium doors/windows: Schuering Germany.
Comercial Brands:
    Mondo-Style Distributor (Romania)
    Belden Distributor / Import (Holland)
    TKF Distributor / Import (Holland)
    Alinco Distributor / Import (Japan)
    Sirio Distributor / Import (Italy)
    TPLink Distributor / Import (China)
    Planet Distributor / Import (Taiwan)
    VCTnet Distributor / Import (Hong Kong)
    Serbia & Montenegro, Slovenia, Slovacia, Hungary, Bulgary, Poland, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Moldavia