nextraCOM AMP860 - Home TV Amplifier
   AMP 860 series indoor user amplifier's key components adopt imported high-grade material. It used for compensate TV signal because of circuit loss and suitable for MMDS, final-class of CATV network or in home less than 10 TV sets. The machine adopts imported low-noise amplifier and it also can use for single-channel or multi-channel antenna amplifier or public antenna system.
Installation and operating
 • Before use the amplifier, test input level whether at the range of input level. You should adjust input level into it.
 • Output level can't be too high. Just keep every TV set level at 60~75 dBV. Turning ATT knob to adjust output level.
 • When in thunder, to avoid lightning strike, you'd better turn off power supply. The amplifier used indoor only and avoid be affected with damp or high temperature.
 • Keep power supply voltage at common range. Too low voltage will cause figure quality bad.
1. Power supply 2. Main signal output
3. Tap signal output 4. Power indicator
5. Adjustable attenuator 6. RF signal input
Frequency Range 45-862MHz
Swing frequency characteristics ±1.5dB
Gain 20dB
Gain adjustable range 0~10dB
Input level range 67 dBµV~ 78dBµV
Max output level 108dBµV
Tap -12dB
Impedance 75Ω
Power voltage 220V±15% (50Hz)
* Specification is subject to change without notice