nextraCOM LH-8630RA - Bi-directional Indoor Amplifier
   High compact circuit and aluminium-alloy, drawbench of surface, good index and fine outfit..
Performance characteristics
 • Adopt SOT-115 encapsulation RF module on access, reliable non-linear. Choose low-noise micro-wave push-Pull circuit, small distortion and high S/N ratio.
 • Set up EQ and ATT on the right place, more convenient of debugging
 • Small power consumption, high reliability, good performance and price ratio.
Principle drawing
Construction explanation
1. RF, AC Input Port 2. Forward Adjust EQ
3. Forward Adjust ATT 4. Return Adjust ATT
5. RF Output Port 6. RF Test Port
7. Power Supply LED  
Forward Transmission
Frequency Range MHz (47)87-860
Rated Gain dB 30
Min Fill Gain dB ≥30
Rated Input Level dBµV 72±2dB
Rated Output Level dBµV 100
Flatness in band dB ±1
Noise Figure dB ≤10
Return Loss dB ≥12
C/CTB(84 PAL-D) dB ≥57
C/CSO (84 PAL-D) dB ≥56
Signal to alternative noise ratio dB ≥66
Gain stability dB ≤±1.0
Voltage stroke KV 5
Backward Transmission
Frequency Range MHz 5~(30)65
Rated Gain dB 15
Flatness in band dB ±1
Noise Figure dB ≤12
Return Loss dB ≥12
MAX Output level dBµV ≥110
Carrier to second order intermodulation ratio dB ≥52
Carrier to Alternative noise ratio dB ≥66
Power Voltage (50Hz) V 16~60V
Power Consumption VA 10
Dimension mm 178(L)x100(W)x55(H)
* Specification is subject to change without notice