nextraCOM LHY-7130B 2X - 750MHz Line/Distribution Amplifier
   Adopt high-output Philips microwave component amplifier, perfect fore-and-aft power doublers and fore-and-aft independent forward and reverse test ports suitable for bi-directional distribution network.
Forward Transmission
Frequency Range MHz 87~750
Rated Gain dB 24
Min Fill Gain dB ≥24
Rated Input Level dBµV 72
Rated Output Level dBµV 96
Flatness in band dB ±1
Slope Adjustable Range dB 0~18
Noise Figure dB ≤10
Return Loss dB ≥14
C/CTB(84 PAL-D) dB ≥57
C/CSO (84 PAL-D) dB ≥56
Signal to noise ratio dB ≥66
Voltage stroke KV 5(10/700µS)
Backward Transmission
Frequency Range MHz 5~(30)65
Rated Gain dB 18
Flatness in band dB ±1
Noise Figure dB ≤12
Return Loss dB ≥12
MAX Output level dBµV ≥110
Carrier to second order intermodulation ratio dB ≥52
Carrier to Alternative noise ratio dB ≥66
Power Voltage (50HZ) V A: 220±15% OR B: 60
Consumption VA 10
Dimension mm 235(L)x140(W)x110(H)
* Specification is subject to change without notice