nextraCOM LHY-7132B - 750MHz Distribution Amplifier
   Low-noisy, stable output, nonlinear high index. Plug-in frequency update circuit, better flatness system, good waterproof and anti-thunder capability, stable operating high performance to price ratio.
Frequency Range MHz 45~750
Rated Gain dB 30
Flatness In Band dB 0.5
Rated Input Level dBµV 72
Rated Output Level dBµV 102
Gain Adjustable Range dB 0~15
Slope Adjustable Range dB 0~18
Noise Figure dB ≤±10
Composite Triplee Beat dB 56
Composite Second Order dB 57
Return Loss dB ≥10
Anti-thunder KV 5 (10/700µS)
Power Voltage (50HZ) V ~60V
Consumption VA 7
Dimension mm 215x185x70
* Specification is subject to change without notice