nextraCOM TTR-AGC 8230G - Bi-directional Transmission Trunk Amplifier
   It is applied to extending of bi-directional (or can be reserved) transmission main trunk to signal compensatory use. Pre-build low-noise module, and final-class is power doubler module,with AGC control , all these are Philips and Motorola’s products. One input and two outputs have over-current protection (fuse switch) and output branch or distribution can be switched conveniently. High-reliable switch power and strict anti-thunder character insure steady and continuous work.
Forward Transmission
Frequency Range MHz (47)87~860
Rated Gain dB 30
Min Fill Gain dB ≥30
Gain Adjustment Range dB 0~15
Slope Adjustment Range dB 0~24
Rated Input Level dBV 72
Rated Output Level dBV 102
Flatness in Band dB ≤1 (with filter)
AGC lead frequency MHz 168.25 (or determined by user)
AGC characteristic dB Input 3/ output 0.3
Noise Figure dB ≤12
Return Loss dB ≥12
Composite Triple Beat (CTB) dB ≥66
Composite Second Order (CSO) dB ≥64
Signal to Noise Ratio dB ≥66
Voltage Stroke KV 5(10/700S)
Backward Transmission
Frequency Range MHz 5~65
Rated Gain dB ≥8
Flatness In Band dB ≤0.75
Gain Adjustment Range dB 0~15
Slope Adjustment Range dB 0~10
Noise Figure dB ≤12
Return Loss dB ≥14
MAX Output Level dBV ≥110
Carrier to second order intermodulation ratio dB ≥52
Carrier alternate noise ratio dB ≥66
General response
Power Voltage (50Hz) V 60V
Power consumption VA 30
Dimension mm 325 x 225 x 150
Principle Drawing:
1. Input Test Port:(-20dB) 18. Reverse Input ATT
2. RF Input: 72dBuV 19. Reverse Input Test Port:-20dB
3. Input Bi-directional Filter(or Short Circuit Plug) 20. Power
4. Input ATT(or Short Circuit Plug) 21. Reverse Amplifier Module
5. Equalizer (or Short Circuit Plug) 22. Reverse Output EQ
6. Low-noise Import Pre-module 23. Reverse Output ATT
7. Fixed Attenuator 24. Reverse Output Test Port: -20dB
8. Rear Equalizer 25. Input Over-current Protection Fuse
9. Class Adjustment Circuit 26. +24V Power LED
10. Power Doubler Module 27. W2 Adjust AGC Control Voltage
11. Rear Bi-directional Filter(or Short Plug-in) 28. W1 Hand Adjust
12. Main Output Over-current Protection Fuse 10A/250V 29. MGC-AGC Switch
13. Main Output B 30. W3 Minuteness Adjust
14. Output Test Port I: -30dB 31. Band Pass Filter (BF)
16. Sub-output: -10dBor –4dB  
17. Sub-output Over-current Protection Fuse10A/250V
(Pull out if no need)
* Specification is subject to change without notice