nextraCOM WT8624II - Laser Relay Station
Use as optical signal relay in fiber cable long distance transmission. Easy to operate, it has steady performance and high index. Laser transmitter and laser receiver unifying predigests installation and operation. Room or field can be selected.

Performance Characteristic
 • Adopt DFB laser, PHILIPS, PHOTON and E-O PIN diode detector
 • Laser receive device: with an RF output, can afford RF signal directly output
 • Structure is compact and reasonable, and performance is steady and dependable.
 • Field model built-in big power thermostat may allow work environment difference in temperature up to 40C
 • Suitable for using as long-distance transmission optical relay (compensation).
Optical Receiving parameter
Receiving Optical Power mW 0.3~1.6 (-5dBm~+2dBm
Optical Connector   FC/APC
RF Parameter
Operating frequency band MHz 45-860
Flatness in band dB 0.75
Output level dBαV ≥96 (-2dBm Input)
Range of Adjusting Level dB 0~10
C/N dB 51
C/CTB (84CH) dB 68
C/CSO (84CH) dB 66
Return Loss dB ≥14
Output impedance Ω 75
Optical Transmitting Parameter
Optical Power mW 24-25
Optical Link dB 13.8
Optical Wavelength nm 131010
Optical Connector   FC/APC (SC/APC, SC/UPC)
Channels   84
C/N dB 51
C/CTB dB 65
C/CSO dB 60
Laser dBαV 96~99 (it depends on Laser)
Flatness in Band dB 0.75
Consumption (W) 30
Voltage (V) ~(110~265) V (50Hz)
Operating Temperature C 0~45
Dimension (mm) 483x385x44
Principle drawing
Product structure
1. Controlling switch 2. LCD Display
3. LED Display 4. Lock (Operating Laser)
5. Input level check (-10dB) 6. RF Output
7. Electricity Adjust ATT 8. Laser Output connector
9. Laser Receiving Connector 11. Long Distance Check Connector
12. Power Supply Connector 13. Earthing
* Specification is subject to change without notice