nextraCOM WT8624III - Outdoor Laser Relay Station
Make the Optical Receiver and Transmitter together into one equipment. It is used in transmitting long distance optical power.

Adopt high linear, optical isolation, distribution feedback and hot electricity refrigeration of EO, ORTEL and Lucent world famous band laser.

Used in offering the good quality of the picture, digital and compress signal transmission.

Built-in RF driving amplifier and controlling circuit, guarantee the index of noise and adjust.

Adopt big Aluminium housing, the complete high-reliable optical power output stability circuit and laser hot electricity refrigeration temperature stable controlling circuit.

Set-in the high-reliable switch power, can be working properly in the range of 85~254V.
Range of Input Power mW 0.3~1.6(-5dBm~+2dBm)
Optical Connector type   FC/APC (SC/APC)
Optical Return Loss dB >45
Working Band MHz 45-860
Flatness in Band dB 0.75
RF Output Level dBV ≥96( the input power is -2dBm)
The adjust range of Level dB 0~10
C/N dB ≥51
C/CTB dB 60
C/CSO dB 60
Return Loss dB ≥12
Output Impedance Ω 75
Output Power mW According to the request of the customers
Optical Circuit   It depends on optical power
Optical Wavelength nm 131020
Optical Connector type   FC/APC (SC/APC)
Channel   84
C/N dB 51
C/CTB dB 65
C/CSO dB 60
Input Laser Level dBV 96~99
Flatness in Band dB 0.75
Power Consumption W 30
Power Voltage V ~(130-265)
Operating Temperature C 0~45
Dimension mm 483x385x44
Principle drawing
1. ~220V/+12V, -12V Switch Power 2. ~220V/ +24V Switch Power
3. Laser Receiving Module 4. Forward Amplify
5. Low-noise Module 6. RF Output Variable ATT
7. RF Output Variable EQ 8. Power Double Module
9. RF Output Port 10. RF Output Test Port (-10dB)
11. Variable ATT (0-15dB) 12. Power Double Module
13. Laser Input Level Test Port 14. Optical Power Indicator Lamp
15. Optical Power Test Port, 1mW=-0.1V 16. Optical Receiving Port
17. Optical Transmit Output Port 18. Laser Transmit Module
* Specification is subject to change without notice