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Fiber Optic Cables

Our company recognise the opportunities and advantages of fiber optics use. Today we are able to offer our customers a full range of fiber optics cables.

We can provide Single Mode ( 900µm ) or Multi Mode ( 50µm and 62.5µm ) with Indoor, Outdoor, or Universal use, from well known producers - TKF and Belden.

You may choose Fiber Optic Cables starting from 4 fibers to 144 fibers.

For Single Mode fiber we can provide Central Tube Cables with a pulling tension from 700 N to 2500 N, Multitube Cables from 2000 N to 4000 N, Multitube ADSS Cables from 4500 N to 6500 N, or Multitube Figure 8 Cables at 5800 N.

Acording to your needs, we can offer also halogen-free ( FRNC/LSNH ) outer jacket, cables with improved Rodent protection, or metallic tape cables.

Over 500 reels on stock at any time.

Heavy respooling machine
In order to be closer of our partners needs, we invested into a performant heavy respooling machine, able to transfer the cable from reels with a diameter up to 3m to smaller reels. Now, we can deliver to our clients the optical cables at the ordered lenghts, avoiding the losses.

RIBE, together with MONDO PLAST have started on the market a new line of Dead Ends especially designed for the suspending of CTC (central tube) and LTC (loose tube) wich have an diameter less than 10mm